Strand Woven Bamboo Floor: Gold
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strand bamboo molding
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Specs:  75.6" x 3-3/4" x 5/8"        12 pcs/box       Product Code:  HD-G

 In 4windsbamboo, all of bamboo flooring are long boards that will show better continuity on your floor.  The beautiful strand woven bamboo flooring is totally diferent from regular bamboo flooring, such as horizontal and vertical.  The hardness of strand woven bamboo flooring is much greater than pecan, hickory, mesquite or even ironwood.  To compare, please visit our hardness test result under "Home-Quality Counts-Hardness".  In high traffic areas, strand woven is the candidate.  The Aluminum Oxide finish is guaranteed not to wear through for 25 years, whereas the structure for life time.  4windsbamboo in Boulder, Colorado strongly recommend our customers to have a good faith of on-site acclimation of bamboo flooring, particularly the strand woven, prior to the installation.  Visiting our website at "Installation and Care" page and get benefit from there, particularly for those who have radiant heat systems.