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strand woven bamboo vent covers
blue 2-in-1
bamboo registers
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strand woven bamboo register covers
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bamboo floor vents
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plastic layerFirst, a simple plastic film with foam layer. It's thin but provides an excellent moisture barrier.  This option does little to cushion or absorb sound.  It's cost is twenty-five cents per sq ft.

felt padSecond, a fiber blend pad with a plastic film adds cushion and sound dampening for just fifty cents per sq ft.

flooring underlaymentThird, a pad made completely of poly-ethelyn foam with a fabric mesh core is a superior cushion, excellent sound absorption and moisture barrier at seventy cents per sq ft.

bamboo charcoal fabric

Lastly, there is the proactive chioce, Bamboo Charcoal Fabric.  This is our favorite underlayment. Not only does the charcoal fabric block moisture, but it can absorb

moisture and then release it in dry conditions.  This way it can help regulate the moisture in your floor, reducing seasonal expansion and contraction.  It provides a suitable cushion and superior sound dampening.  But the greatest thing about it is that it absorbs onixious odors, and toxic fumes from the air.  It works just like the insoles made for shoes, but at a much better price.

Flooring underlayment is crucial to the success of your flooring project.  If you're installing over concrete, you must have a moisture barrier, and padding isn't a bad idea either.  If you're on the second floor with neighbors underneath you, a sound absorbing pad is recommended or required by most home owner's associations, because it's likely they will hear your footsteps above.  These are our options for moisture barrrier, cushion and sound barrier pads.
Blue 2-in-1
Specs: 4' x 25'
100 sq ft/roll
Product Code:  B2
Out of Stock
Specs: 6' x 60'
360 sq ft/roll
Product Code:  GY3
Out of Stock
Specs: 2.5' x 40'
100 sq ft/roll
Product Code:  GN3
Out of Stock
Specs: 5' x 32'
160 sq ft/roll
Product Code:  BCF