Unfinished Bamboo Flooring:Horizontal Natural
(picture without surface finish)
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natural bamboo flooring
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Specs:  75.6" x 3-3/4" x 5/8"        12 pcs/box       Product Code:  HN-U

This picture was taken prior to sanding and finishing.  In 4windsbamboo, all of bamboo flooring are long boards that will present a better continuity look on your floor.  The unfinished bamboo flooring have no micro-bevel along the edges.  The straight edges show another feature different from the pre-finished bamboo flooring.  After installation is completed, light sanding followed by 3-coat surface finish will present a unique seamless appearance.  The unfinished bamboo flooring can be used as bamboo plank and installed over walls as wall panel.  It can also be designed for wainscotting, countertop, bookshelves, entertertainment center, and even furnitures, such as signature table.  Capture the exotic in bamboo flooring and to grace your home.  The natural horizontal bamboo floor provides a serene look, chic style, and natural beauty.  4windsbamboo offers product warranty against structure defect for life time.