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(unfinished horizontal & vertical styles, caramel & natural colors)
unfinished bamboo molding
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Horizontal Caramel.
bamboo accessories
Horizontal Natural.
bamboo flooring
Vertical Caramel.
natural baseboard
Vertical Natural.
Product Code:  BM6P   -   U   -   HC / HN / VC / VN
Specs:  89" x 5.5" x 5/8"

1 x 6 bamboo planks or bamboo dimensional lumber are very useful in a green-eco building project.  The applications can be so versatile for interior design, such as window casing, door casing, window frame, window sill, beam/girder/column wrapper, stairway stringer top cap, and so on.  The tall bamboo baseboard and casing are used for a very contemporary look.  These unfinished baseboards and casing give a bold feel to the room while still keeping a pleasing and conservative line to the room.  Such products are also used for boat decking surface.