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Strand Woven Gold bamboo flooring has a rich gold color but also contains highlights and natural color variations which make a very beautiful blend. Also, the natural pattern in the strand woven bamboo is always different. Each time you look at it your eyes picks up new details not seen before. The well-known advantage to strand woven bamboo flooring over regular bamboo flooring is the hardness that is about 4,500 lb-force. Please refer to our Hardness Test Results under Home page.
Strand Woven Coffee bamboo flooring is the caramelized version of the Strand Woven Gold.  It has a deeper rich rich color and the same blend of highlights and variety in the surface.  It's hardness is the same as the strand woven gold, as well. When selecting the pre-finished material it is recommended to also with this dark material to apply a top-coat of polyurethane for scratch resistance because scratches can be more visible when the aluminum oxide finish is used on a dark surface.  But in any case Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring has commercial grade durability.
Horizontal Natural bamboo flooring is the classic bamboo flooring.  Easily recognizable with it's light yellow color and bamboo strips placed flat.  You'll find this style of bamboo flooring will be remembered for the light feel and atmosphere a light colored floor brings - but this flooring is much more stain resistant than any carpet for obvious reasons. Of all the bamboo styles, this one brings the most attention with it's bold new look. Customers have selections over unfinished and pre-finished bamboo floorings at 4windsbamboo in Boulder, Colorado.
Horizontal Caramel bamboo flooring has a much warmer feeling than the natural color and hides dirt better. It is also still a light color compared to most hardwoods.  The caramel color is acheived by heating and steaming the bamboo strips before they are made into the flooring - so the color runs through the whole board, instead lying only on the surface like a stain. So if you need to refinish in the future you'll still have the great color you fell in love with when the floor was installed. 4windsbamboo in Boulder, Colorado carries both unfinished and pre-finished bamboo floorings for your decision making.
The Antique Style of bamboo flooring emulates the hand-hewn floor boards from the last two centuries and also incorporates a hand scraping method used in created disstressed floors.  By scraping the flooring with a wide blade, the floor maker creates a slightly undulating surface almost like ripples on the surface of water.
This Espresso color of Antique bamboo flooring comes by staining the top of the Antique caramel bamboo flooring.  It is our darkest color selection.  Because of the stain, this flooring shows more uniformity of color, which can be easier when an exact match is needed.  Also, the Antique bamboo flooring is more expensive than the regular bamboo flooring because of the added labor of carving the bamboo.
A very popular choice, vertical natural bamboo flooring is becoming known as the more sophisticated bamboo flooring. And for good reason, this flooring style uses a different structure than horizontal bamboo, the stips go vertically through the plank instead of three horizontal layers.  With this structure there is an added resistance against dents.  Also, the thinner look of the bamboo strips creates more straight lines through the room. Both unfinished and pre-finished vertical bamboo floorings are available at 4windsbamboo in Boulder, Colorado.
Using vertical flooring styles gives a clean, contemporary look.  Combined with the caramel color, the bamboo joints are toned down and blend much better while still being seen when close. At 4windsbamboo, Boulder, Colorado, customers have selections over either unfinished or pre-finished vertical bamboo flooring.

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