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Bamboo Railings  Warehouse Sale in 2021 Bamboo Floor Transition
As 4windsbamboo branches out in the use of bamboo for railings, we've had nothing but good reviews from our customers.   We have recently added the bamboo newel post mounting kit and finial (newel post top) to our product line.   The mounting kit includes special metal brackets that mount your newel post quick and strong to the floor.   The bamboo molding that also come in the kit snaps right into place once the post is in place.   We are also working with wood turners who can give any custom shapes for finials to go on top of the newel posts.   Shapes such as an egg, acorn or ball are quite nice.

Currently, our bamboo handrail is only available in the rectangular style.   Once on the job site it can be routed or applied with any profile or styling.

Anyone interested in putting a bamboo railing together can take a look at our close-up pictures of our railing.   The pictures are located under the railing application section of this site.   If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us by calling (303) 447-2389 or Click Contact Us.