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line bamboo casingLine Bamboo Casing

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(1" thick Plank)

1 in. thick strand bamboo plank-stair tread1" Strand Bamboo Tread
(1" thick Strand Plank)

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(Front Nose)

bamboo stair risersBamboo Riser
(5/8" thick Plank)

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Bamboo Baseball Bats

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Bamboo Cutting Boards
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Bamboo Kitchen Utensils
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Bamboo Placemats
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Bamboo Floor Mat

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4windsbamboo bamboo slat panels, also called wall/ceiling decorations bring the elegance with the natural texture and the freshness of color.   Another building product we advocate is bamboo charcoal fabric.   Incorporating this fabric into the construction of walls is extremely useful for absorbing any unwanted moisture, odors, or harmful chemicals in the air.   This inexpensive and innovative product comes in rolls for applications in and on walls.   Thank you for reviewing our products page.   Please feel free to contact us with any questions by click Contact Us or to order at 303-447-2389

4windsbamboo's home decor products extend to almost everywhere in your home, including patio and porch; for instance, in the kitchen area.   It provides a wonderful food preparation surface.   The fibers run along the surface, yet absorb little at that point - compared to wood grain which has pores opening on the surface.   The fibers open where the fiber ends.   So for example, our cutting boards have less absorption of food oils, colors or smells on the surface than other cutting boards.   For the same reason, our cooking forks, spoons and spatulas provide an excellent surface to work with.   They are especially useful when cooking rice since it sticks less.

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