Bamboo Cutting Board: 10" x 8"
Style: Horizontal, Vertical
colors: nature, caramel
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Bamboo cutting board
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bamboo cutting boards
Horizontal Caramel
bamboo kitchen decors
Horizontal Nature
bamboo cutting boards
Vertical Caramel
bamboo kitchen decor
Vertical Nature
Specs: 8" x 10" x 25/32"

Product Code: CB - S - HC / HN / VC / VN

Those who like to use green kitchen products will not miss the chance to use bamboo cutting boards.  It has fine texture and remarkable durability as a cutting board under your knives.  Small size of bamboo cutting boards are good for cutting, for instance, cheese, cake, or fruit.  You may like to have bamboo cutting boards at different styles and colors for certain functions.  4windsbamboo bamboo cutting boards are easy-to-clean.  Visit another page  large size bamboo cutting boards

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