Bamboo Area Rug, Bamboo Floor Mat, Bamboo floor runner
green bamboo floor mat
green bamboo area rug
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green bamboo floor decoration
green bamboo area rugs
green bamboo floor runners
green bamboo floor mats
green bamboo floor protection
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bamboo floor mats
3/4" - Cotton Edge - CM
bamboo area rugs
3/4" - Poly Edge - CL
bamboo floor runners
3/16" - Poly Edge - CM
bamboo area rugs
3/16" - Poly Edge - CL
Specs:  3/4" bamboo strips: poly edge / cotton edge: Nonskid backing: 2' x 3' or 2' x 6' or 2'4" x 4'8" or 6' x 8'
Specs:  3/16" bamboo strips: poly edge: Nonskid backing: 2' x 3' or 2' x 6' or 2'4" x 4'8" or 4' x 6' or 6' x 8'

4windsbamboo's bamboo area rugs and floor mats work not only to protect your natural flooring against unnecessary scratches, but also to decorate your home with a natural appearance.  Placing such floor mats at your front entry and back patio doorways will trap the dirt and gravel underneath your shoes before getting onto the floor.  Easy to take care by washing and air dry only. Nonskid backing is the standard to minimize unnecessasry slippery.