Bamboo Strip Wall Covering: Caremel & Natural
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bamboo strip wall covering
bamboo strip wall panelling
bamboo strip wall
bamboo strip wall panelling

bamboo strip wall covering
bamboo wall panellingbamboo wall covering
bamboo strip wall panellingbamboo wall panel
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Specs:  72" long x 36", 48", 72", 79", 96" high              Product Code:  WP36, WP48, WP72, WP79, WP96 - C or - N

 Bamboo wallpaper, which functions as wall covering, is a pleasant building material for walls, ceiling, columns, beams, and panels to create a beautiful and serene natural atmosphere at your home.  In your kitchen, right above the countertop, bamboo wallpaper will decorate such area for you to be in a natural and serene environment while working on cooking.  Bamboo wallpaper comes in a 72" long roll at various selections in height, which is made of 7/16" wide bamboo strips that are glued side by side in height direction onto a high-quality dense cottom backing.  Two solid colors are available: Natural and Caramel.  Easy installation with utility knife and snippers and panel adhesive at your own choice.  Then finish or stain the surface at your wish.