Strand Bamboo Trim Molding
Photo Frame, Casing, Baseboard
strand colors: nature, caramel
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Bamboo Molding
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strand woven molding
Strand Gold - Plain
bamboo accessories
Strand Coffee - Plain
strand woven flooring
Strand Gold - 2 Lines
strand woven baseboard
Strand Coffee - 2 Lines

Specs: 75-5/8" x 3-7/8" x 9/16" (plain)
Product Code: BM4P2 - HDC / HDG

Specs: 72" x 3-9/16" x 1/2" (plain)
Product Code: BM4P - HDC

Specs: 72" x 3" x 1/2" (two lines)
Product Code: BM3L - HDC / HDG

Shop strand bamboo trim molding at Four Winds Bamboo.  This is the pre-finished dimensional board for wall base and casing of door and window.  These molding trim strips can be used for picture frame as well.

The surface finish reflects the beautiful bamboo texture.  Selections in color are caramel (coffee) and nature (gold); selections in style plain surface and two lines.

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