Bamboo Stair Treads
Window Sills, Shelves
colors: nature, caramel
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bamboo stair tread
bamboo lumber 1x12

bamboo lumber 2x12

bamboo plank
Horizontal Caramel

bamboo tread
Horizontal Nature

bamboo trim molding
Vertical Caramel

bamboo stair tread
Vertical Nature

bamboo trim
Strand Gold

bamboo floor vents
Strand Coffee

Specs: 75-5/8"(72" or 48") x 11-3/4" x 5/8" (body) x 1" (nose)

Product Code: ST76 / ST72 / ST48 - HC / HN / VC / VN / HDG / HDC

Shop bamboo stair tread with nosing in front at Four Winds Bamboo.  The solid bamboo stair tread is one of the top choices for shelves and window sills.

 Four Winds Bamboo also supplies strand bamboo stair treads and risers.  Selections in color are caramel (coffee) and nature (gold) with horizontal, vertical, and strand styles.

Visit for more natural, appealing, and top-quality bamboo building materials for the needs of woodwork project.

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