Bamboo Plank: 12" wide x 2" thick
Open Case Stair Treads, Table Top
colors: nature, caramel
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caramel bamboo baluster
Horizontal Caramel
nature bamboo baluster
Horizontal Nature
caramel bamboo handrail
Vertical Caramel
nature bamboo handrail
Vertical Nature

Specs: 2" x 12" x 48"(72" or 75-5/8")

Product Code: SP48 / SP72 / SP76 - HC / HN / VC / VN

Shop 2 inch thick bamboo planks at Four Winds Bamboo.  These solid bamboo planks can be used for open case stair treads, counter top, and table top.

Since it is solid, glue them together easily to make counter top in kitchen, table top in dining, nook area, office, and workshop.  Applying clear surface finish over brings out the beautiful bamboo texture.  Selections in color are caramel and nature; selections in styles horizontal and vertical.

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